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  • 100% Cashmere Sweater for Men - Off White

100% Cashmere Sweater for Men - Off White

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We believe the most important part of any garment is the way it makes you feel.

Cashmere blog posts

  1. What is the highest quality cashmere?

    Cashmere is a type of wool that comes from the Cashmere goat. The finest quality Cashmere wool is made from the soft, downy undercoat of the goat,...
  2. I accidentally put my Cashmere Sweater in the Washing Machine

    I'm sorry to hear that you accidentally put your 100% cashmere sweater in the washing machine. Cashmere is a delicate fabric and it's not recommend...
  3. How to Unshrink Cashmere?

    How to Unshrink Cashmere? It is possible to unshrink cashmere, but it is a delicate process that requires patience and care. Here are the steps you can follow to try to unshrink your cashmere garment: